Gidding Midweek Ringing Group

The Gidding Midweek Ringing Group was founded in late 2009. Made up of ringers from the Ely Association and Peterborough Guild (plus occasional visitors), we have two main objectives:

a) Enjoying the company of other ringers (that includes a good lunch).

b) Having the opportunity of ringing a wider range variety of Doubles and Minor methods, other than the basic Plain Bobs and Grandsire etc.

We meet on the third Wednesday of the month and our basic schedule is two towers in the morning, then the important lunch, followed by two towers in the afternoon – 40 minutes ringing per tower. As a guide we try and keep the selected towers within a radius of one hour’s driving time, which still offers considerable choice and scope. The towers are either fives or sixes with an occasional eight bell tower – we are not essentially an eight bell group.

Finally, whilst our group is of varying method capability, there are no learners – everyone can at least ring Plain Bob/Grandsire. We set this criterion as we feel that as guests at the towers, we do not want our visit to become a ‘travelling practice night’.

If you are interested in joining us or finding out more about us, please contact either Ray Banner on 01832 730767 or Michael Keck on 01832 293357.

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